Set text color
AA – Alpha channel
RR – Red
GG – Green
BB – Blue
Example: @@#88FFFF00@ sets transparent yellow color
Set text color
RR – Red
GG – Green
BB – Blue
Example: @@#FFFF00@ set yellow color
Set text position. x,y is integer.
Example: @@P50,90@
Set fontsize. p is integer.
Example: @@S23@ set the text size 23
Set text align. x is {L, C, R}
@@AL@ set left align for text
@@AR@ set right align for text
@@AC@ set center align for text
Set Typeface. name from {DEFAULT, MONOSPACE, SANS_SERIF, SERIF, DIGI000, DIGI001, DIGI002}

Example: @@FDIGI000@ set font DIGI000
Wifi state icon.
Available with PRO version