On activated app you can change color of text, background, stroke. Allowed on activated app and enabled templates allow you to customise text on widget for showing more system info:
- free RAM;
- storage size/free space;
- sdcard size/free space;
- battery level, Voltage, temperature.
Network operator name
Network operator MCC+MNC
Phone Type
Network Type
Signal Strength (dBm)
Memory Free
Storage Total
Storage Free
SD Card Total
SD Card Free
Battery Percentage
Battery Voltage
Temperature (Celsius)
Temperature (Fahrenheit)
CDMA RSSI value in dBm
CDMA Ec/Io value in dB*10
EVDO RSSI value in dBm
EVDO Ec/Io value in dB*10
EVDO signal to noise ratio.
GSM error rate (0-7)
GSM Signal Strength in dBm
$$SSP_:min: max:FORMAT$
Signal Strength in percent.
Use $$SSPG for GSM networks,
$$SSPC for CDMA networks and
$$SSPE for EVDO.
MIN, MAX defines the low and high bounds of signal strength.
FORMAT can be used for format output. By defaut signal stregth shows as integer.
$$SSPG:-113:-51:%.02f$ shows GSM signal strength percentage with two digits after point;
$$SSPC:-80:-10$ shows CDMA signal strength percentage without digits after point
Setup widget size in widget cell.
Use this tag, if you need fine tune the widget size.
CDMA System ID of the current cell site
CDMA Network ID of the current cell site
CDMA Base Station ID of the current cell site
$$BNDCDMA: min:max$
Sets min and max signal strength values for diagram
$$BNDEVDO: min:max$
Sets min and max signal strength values for diagram
$$ESS:n:txt: ifnull$
Displays all available signal values (strength, error level, etc.)
For using see full list of “Signal strength string” in widget config.

On android 4.0 and above list has values by index:
1 Gsm Signal Strength
2 Gsm Bit Error Rate
3 Cdma Dbm
4 Cdma Ecio
5 Evdo Dbm
6 Evdo Ecio
7 Evdo Snr
8 Lte Signal Strength
9 Lte Rsrp
10 Lte Rsrq
11 Lte Rssnr
12 Lte Cqi

For other versions index or content may be different. (For example, LTE Signal Strength has index 11 on 4G LTE Bionic)

shows “-85dBm” for example, if LTE signal strength value is valid
and shows “NONE” if no signal detected
Set text color